PLEASE NOTE: The owners of following addresses (Exceptions: Some of Buryatia and 'Raipon') most of them do not belong to any of our peoples' member.

That means you get second-hand- informations when you read the 'pages of the listed addresses. As ones the ethnographer S. M. Shirokogoroff wrote, most done records must be incomplete (some still circulating documentations are even wrong) if they came not directly from our people. An extra difficulty you have if you try to make a record when no use of written language was common by many northern Asian First People. So the investigator as foreigner with different mind, spirit, tongue and habitude, being a non-native writer must mistake and misinterpret quite often what's important for us.
Glad we are if more writers like the Chukchi Juri Rytcheu (e=yoh spoken), the Tuva writer Tshinag Galsan or the Kirgiz Aitmatov could arrive to tell own stories. Unfortunately most of them doesn't write in own native language in order to wait up major languages and international publishing-houses for own economical survival and success. So I did also, hoping that later I'll make it to have my book in my Evenk mothertongue ones.
nform yourself as we like to hear from you what's happen on your side.


  • Note in Addition:

    The theme protection of the last Siberian Tiger keep me busy too.
    First the Baykal Tiger was gone, the Caspian Tiger after and soon our last Manchu Tigers have to be vanished as well? What kind of race we are?
    Same concern I have because of the Manchupanther and the Snowleopard. What personal I saw in Mongolia gave me no hope at all.